Fire Hydrants

AKA, Where We Leave Our Mark

Fire Hydrants

We believe strongly in being an avid community member, so that’s why we’ve become the “Non-Profit Printer” for several of our clients. Click here to join our list of clients who call us their non-profit printer and read more about why we love non-profits.

All of Blue Dog’s team members have experience in furthering the missions of several local non-profits. As a result, some spend their non-working hours volunteering, or using their skills to provide assistance for organizations.

“You guys are EVERYWHERE!” Being strong and involved community members, we try to support everything we possibly can by giving back. Be sure to check out where we’ve been lately, by visiting our “We’ve Been Involved” page. While we try to be “everywhere”, sometimes we help from a distance. Sometimes, the criteria for our involvement may simply be what tugs at our heart-strings.

Blue Dog Printing & Design has supported the following organizations with our membership, time, discounts and talents:




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