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Why Is Blue Dog Printing & Design Your Company's Best Friend?

Since 2003, Blue Dog Printing & Design has been the best doggone place to go for printing, graphic design, mailing services, promotional products and apparel.

Why? Everything we do is based on our core values:

Unleashed Creativity
Community Loyalty
Tail-Wagging Service

Don’t worry, we won’t lick your face if you come for a visit, but you can be sure to receive a friendly welcome! Next time you think about needing a printer in West Chester, Exton or anywhere surrounding Chester County, think Blue Dog Printing & Design!

Large format printer outputting a vibrant multicolor sheet

Because service matters

We stand by our tagline


Our digital printers allow Blue Dog to offer a variety of products, Know how to increase your customer base and customer retention, give Blue Dog a bark and learn more about our digital printing.

Graphic Design

Over 20 years of design experience, boasting work from companies locally, nationally and internationally. Improve your company’s image (or get started with one!), give Blue Dog a bark and learn more about our graphic design talent.

Promotional Products

Swag. Tchotchkes. Giveaways.

Whatever you call them, promotional products are proven to increase visibility and favorable impressions of a business.

Outdoor Graphics

Blue Dog Printing & Design is your one-stop shop for all things outside! Poster printing and banner printing capabilities allows Blue Dog to offer a variety of products.

Our Results

Blue Dog Printing & Design is committed to providing its clients with marketing, graphic and printing solutions that not only fit their immediate needs, but will also allow their message to evolve with their company’s growth.

Over 35 years of design experience

$325,000 given back to community non-profits

3,034+ unique clients serviced





What Can We Do For You?

We love to hear the phone ring and the doorbell ding, so give us a bark, or swing on by the doghouse.

Contact Us610.430.7992