Recipes For Successful Events

As my husband will attest to, I’m not the worlds’ greatest cook. Just ask his college roommates…I set off their smoke alarm more times than I care to remember (I SWEAR something was wrong with that oven!).

This year for my father’s birthday, I took a chance on a “homemade” gift. He used to love the raisin cookies that my Grandma made him, so I thought I would try to replicate them. There is no “recipe” that was passed down, Grandma just knew how to make them. My first batch was burned on the bottom (see, something is wrong with MY oven too!). So I adjusted the racks and the size of the dough dollops until I got them JUST RIGHT. I shipped them off to Florida for arrival the next day…Dad told me that Grandma would be proud of me 🙂

Some may say I am a recipe for disaster (well, at least in the kitchen), others may say I am a recipe for success. I guess it just depends on the oven…

What I know I AM good at, is getting all the ingredients together to pull off a memorable event. You’ll see here some of my event “recipes” from family reunions to golf outings.




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