Promotional Product Power

It can sometimes be tough to find the right promotional item for your company. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Think about where members of your target audience make decisions about using your product or service. If you go after executives in corporations, give them something they will use in their offices or around their desktop. That way, your company will be top of mind when they make decisions. Golf-related items are also incredibly effective, because so much business happens on the golf course.
  • Differentiate your company by promoting your marketing message uniquely. One computer software client that made antivirus software put its logo on boxes of condoms and sent them to information technology types with the message, “Protect yourself, protect your computers.” Results? “Most I.T. people are male and don’t really have girlfriends, so that’s particularly titillating.” Perhaps a bit too edgy for some companies, but you get the idea.
  • Personalize them. While we are fond of our company logos, customers really like to use items that have their names on them. “People like seeing their own name above all else.” We can create items in small quantities that can be imprinted with both your company’s logo and your client’s name.
  • Skip the logoed dinner mints and bottles of water that will be quickly used and tossed. Make your promotional products investment something that will have a shelf life.

Some of the most popular promotional items these days are thumb drives, aluminum sports bottles, reusable grocery bags, and anything green or American made.

Read more about this powerful marketing tool here.

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