If you’ve ever gone to the post office and tried to bulk mail something, you most likely encountered a bunch of paperwork that you had no idea how to fill out. Occasionally, you will come across a postal worker that is friendly and wants to help you, but more often than not, the worker is frustrated that you don’t magically know the inner workings of the post office. Blue Dog Printing & Design has developed a fantastic working relationship with post office employees and gets postcard mailings out easy-breezy.

Our friendly staff will guide you in determining the best approach to your postcard design and mailing strategy. Do you have an existing list you’d like to use? Do you need to reach a specific geographic region – right down to neighborhoods? Do you need to purchase a list based on demographics? When we get all the questions answered, we will advise you on the best size, method of mailing (first class vs. standard) and ways to save on postage costs.

One way to save on postage when reaching a specific neighborhood(s) is to implement an EDDM campaign. You can test it out here at the USPS EDDM Online Tool. If you have a postcard mailing list that you’d like to use, we run it through USPS-approved software to sift out the duplicates and undeliverable addresses. Whether you want to use an indicia, or a “live” stamp, we handle every step in the process of getting your postcard message delivered.

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We love being creative and truly enjoy helping our customers create a unique postcard that clearly defines their message. To get a conversation started right away, call us at 610-430-7992, email us at or swing on by the doghouse in West Chester, PA.