Life’s Simple Rules

I HEAR MYSELF SAYING to my daughter the very same things my mother always said to me (although I PROMISE to never say “turn that music down!”). To this day, my mother reminds me to put toilet paper down in a public restroom and to watch her purse while she peruses the buffet. Along the way, I was also told to eat my veggies, wash my hands, help my friends, be nice to my sister and to always say “please and thank you.” For me, acknowledging some of Blue Dog’s clients that have shown their loyalty over the span of several years is of the utmost importance. I’d like to highlight four specific clients that have been an absolute joy to work with on a wide range of projects. Please take the time to appreciate the fact that these clients choose to conduct their business locally and loyally.


Hands-down, our favorite client for “last minute” requests… that we always meet! Every person that we have worked with at USH has been appreciative of our turnaround time and attention to detail.

USH counts on Blue Dog to provide:

West Chester University counts on USH to provide:

  • Exemplary living and learning communities.
  • Outstanding amenities including movie theaters, yoga studio, and community garden.
  • Residence halls and apartment style communities to fit the needs of West Chester University students.

American Helicopter Museum

One of the most rewarding business relationships I have is with the employees and volunteers of the American Helicopter Museum.I affectionately refer to my volunteer contacts as“my helicopter dudes”. The dedication that is put into every detail is evident in the tireless efforts to continually improve the museum experience.

The American Helicopter Museum counts on Blue Dog to provide:

Helicopter enthusiasts count on the museum to provide:

  • PRESERVE rotary-wing aviation history
  • EDUCATE about helicopters and their lifesaving missions
  • INSPIRE all generations

Cuddle My Kids

We love supporting non-profits, but this one is near and dear to my heart since I watched a good friend of mine fight cancer with all she had, only to lose the battle. She left behind a 4-year old son and a husband who was devastated. Cathy and her crew do a phenomenal job of putting some positive energy into negative situations.

Cuddle My Kids counts on Blue Dog to provide:

Families fighting cancer count on CMK to provide:

  • support to children through creative play, arts and crafts, and enrichment
  • respite for the sick parent
  • cancer patients uninterrupted time to focus on their own medical issues and healing


I’ll admit, I was a bit intimidated the first time I met the owner, Chuck. A retired military man with a strong sense of pride in his company’s craftsmanship and product design. Chuck came to Blue Dog asking for some help in keeping his branding consistent. I quickly learned that he’s just a teddy bear with smart business sense. He will tell you that integrating all of the Kodabow marketing communications with Blue Dog including Kodabow graphics and photography resulted in tremendous time and cost savings. He counts on Blue Dog like his customers count on Kodabow’s dependable hunting products! Kodabow counts on Blue Dog to provide:

Hunters count on Kodabow to provide:

  • quality crossbows and accessories that are Made In The USA
  • attributes that meet the demands of rugged field use
  • innovative features like a quiet limb design, firearms grade trigger and an anti-dry fire system

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